Teaching Assistant-Working with Others Essay

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A teaching assistant can contribute to discussions and decision making during team meetings by firstly ensuring they are fully prepared before each meeting. Listing all issues they wish to raise can help and will keep contributions they make clear and relevant. Teaching assistants can help to point out problems and possible solutions that may not be noticed by teachers and other staff. They will sometimes have a different point of view to other staff members and notice issues that a class teacher may not be aware of due to the difference in classroom roles. They must be able to communicate effectively and confidence helps with this. The more meetings a person attends the more confidence they should gain and then they build up the ability to communicate their points more effectively. Any points raised should be done so assertively and clearly but also calmly. Other people’s points of view must be taken in account and it is vital not to let anger or frustration influence how you speak to others. Staying professional is a very important point to bear in mind at all times. ------------------------------------------. A teaching assistant can communicate effectively with colleagues by ensuring their communication skills are the best they can be. Speaking clearly and staying calm during discussions will always be required. Just as much importance should be placed on listening skills. A major part of communicating effectively is ensuring you listen to your colleague’s ideas and views. Try and understand their point of view before communicating yours. Always be aware of how you say something as things can often be misunderstood or taken the wrong way simply because of how something was said. ------------------------------------------ A teaching assistant can offer support and encouragement to other team members by being easy and open to communicate with.
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