Compentence and Work Culture

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My competencies are as follows adhering to values, coping with pressure, following instructions, researching, adapting to change, and applying expertise. When you adhere to values you have a certain respect for people and how they feel and how they think value their opinion. When coping with pressure I try to overcome the urge to give up. I believe I cope with pressure quite well in sticky situations. I follow instructions very well in my opinion I think instructions are there to help you along that is why people write them to help you out. Researching is a good thing to help knowing about what you are learning. Adapting to change is needed when things go a different way than expected. When it comes to applying your expertise is being able to either voice or write down your opinions' on the subject at hand. All of these things help me with my work culture because I can perform in high demanding jobs. As well the career I have chosen for myself in a corporate management career because you need to have the skills to communicate. To cope with pressure of high demanding situations, and being able to come up with new ideas to help the business and the people you have worked under you. These skills are necessary for me so I can become a good leader. I want my employees under me to be able to learn from me and how I work and deal with situations in the work field. If I learn more about my learning skills I will be able to improve myself as well as the people who work around me. Usually in a work environment people usually follow by example and if I am doing what I am suppose to do then the people under me follow suit. My personal learning style influences my career competencies' more than what I thought. So I found out I need to become more of a thinker and work on my analytical skills. When I have my thinking skills down better I will be a better manager cause my other

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