Ethical Lens Reflection

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Ethical Lens Inventory Reflection Ethical Lens Inventory Reflection As I reflect on the activities we completed, I am very excited to give you some details about them and some insight to what I’ve learned about myself. These assignments were interesting and at first I couldn’t fathom why they were asking the types of questions they were, but as I completed each and got my results I could then understand why the program was asking us such repetitive questions with a limited choice of answers. My personal ethical lens is the relationship and reputation lens. I found that my strengths are my reasoning skills and my intuition while my weaknesses are isolation, guilt and confusion. I was surprised that my blind spot was identified to be overconfidence in process because I rarely feel confident in anything. My values were described to be justice and fortitude and resultant behaviors are that I demonstrate courage and steadiness in the face of obstacles and I tend to avoid rash actions. My ethical lens directs my academic behavior by giving me good reasoning skills and allowing me to think through problems carefully and research all options. My ethical lens influences my critical thinking because it allows me to make informed decisions that I find are best for the well-being of everyone around me. I believe that a person’s emotions can influence critical thinking because some people’s ethical lens is more heartfelt and can let them make decisions with their emotions instead of with their knowledge and brain. When I participated in the Career Building Activity for aptitude I learned that I am good at applying practical skills and solving practical problems. I am more suited for a job that involves practical problem solving and my biggest strength is following instructions followed by adhering to values and researching.
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