Ethical Issues: The Mysterious Roses And The Cold Feet

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Ethics Issues Assignment Wk 5 ETH/316 July 1, 2013 Mark Cobia There were two ethical issues presented in the simulation of The Mysterious Roses and the Cold Feet. The simulation took place at G-Bio Sport a company that creates, markets and sells sports nutrition and supplements. The first simulation dealt with the issue of an employee receiving unwanted attention from another employee. One employee, Bill from Research and Development has been visiting the Marketing Department often. He usually came by when Gayle received flowers. Other staff members started to notice, but Gayle didn’t seem to be happy about the flower deliveries, and requested a confidential meeting with me. I had to research and understand the situation without…show more content…
I had to understand who would be directly affected by the information I was about to discuss. I used the Rights/Responsibilities Lens along with the Results Lens when doing my analysis of the situation. Using the Rights and Responsibility Lens I had to figure out what my duties to the stakeholders were. I assessed that my duties were to follow the rules, to assure that my employees have the information they need to protect themselves at work, and to be honest in my conversation about confidentiality and anything else I might…show more content…
I did not choose the harsher step of informing the journal, and giving them my results. I decided that since I wasn’t completely sure of what had happened, I was going to give Dr Waters a little leeway,by seeing if our in house investigation turned up anything. Thenmy next step would be to show all the data to the journal. . In the end I believe I took a low risk, and still had the option to report the findings to the journal, should the need be there. I wanted to make sure Dr. Waters felt that I erred on the side of caution before assuming he was guilty of misconduct. All employees should feel that we at G-Bio Sport, take care of our employees. At Honeywell, we do a great deal of testing and research. All of it is focused on life safety. We must ensure the research is honest and above board. We have many steps and approvals for all products, which should ensure that all safety equipment that is released to the public is a great asset and not a deterrent to living safe lives. We use our own safety equipment in protecting our facility and our employees, so people who work there are testing products that may save their own life one day. Honeywell believes in the safety of all employees and customers around the

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