Comparison Between Macbeth And Romeo And Juliet

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For this essay I decided to select one the most famous writers in the world, Shakespeare, and two of his best-known plays, Romeo and Juliet and Macbeth. Around 1590 he started to work as a play-wright in London. Shakespeare then become one of the most famous writers in England and in part of the world. During his career he lived to reigns the one of Elizabeth I and James I (Enotes, 2011. Shakespeares biography.[online] Available at: [Access on 18 may 2011] ). The two plays were written practically at the same period of time Romeo and Juliet was said to be written in 1954 the year in which King Henry the IV was crowned in France. While Macbeth was written and played for the first time in 1606 the year in which England, country in which Shakespeare lived in, agreed in adopting the Union Jack as its flag (Grade saver, 2010. [Access on 18 May 2011]). Macbeth as I said wrote before was written in 1606, practically at the start of James I reign. James I was a supporter of Shakespeare’s acting company and the story of Macbeth reflects the relationship the two had. He reflects the good kingship of James and the way he was bust developing England (Grade saver, 2010. [Access on 18 May 2011]). Romeo and Juliet was not invented by Shakespeare but from a poet who wrote a poem called “Romeus and Juliet”. Romeo and Juliet is just an adaptation of other works (Grade saver, 2010. [Access on 18 May 2011]).). - The two plays I have select have in common that they are both tragedies. A tragedy is a narrative that usually describes the defeat and ruin of the main characters of it (Cambridge school, 2005. Macbeth. Cambridge: Cambrdge university press). In the plays there are lots of different
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