Background Romeo And Juliet

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BACKGROUND INFORMATION ON PLAY Type of Play: Tragedy written by Shakespeare in 1594 Based on: Arthur Brooke's "The Tragical History of Romeus & Juliet" which was written in 1562 Basic differences between the two: Romeo & Juliet Romeus & Juliet 1. Juliet-almost 14 1. Juliet-16 yrs. old 2. Action/5 days 2. Action/9 months 3. Tybalt, Nurse, & 3. Tybalt, Nurse, Mercutio/ Mercutio/ well-developed minor Basic conflict of play: Feud between Capulet/Montague families Setting of play: Verona, Italy (primary) Mantua, Italy (secondary) Time period: 14th Century (1300's) BACKGROUND INFORMATION ON CHARACTERS THE MONTAGUE FAMILY: Lord Montague-- 1. Very wealthy 2. Father of Romeo 3. More reasonable than Lord Capulet but does continue the feud Lady Montague-- 1. Mother of Romeo 2. Kind and gentle hearted 3. Interested in Romeo's welfare 4. Will die of grief because of Romeo's banishment Romeo-- 1. Only son of Lord and Lady Montague 2. Very romantic; in love with the idea of being in love 3. Acts hastily and is impulsive 4. More immature than Juliet even though he's older 5. Will commit suicide Benvolio-- 1. Nephew of Lord Montague 2. Cousin and friend of Romeo 3. Has a lot of common sense 4. He is a peacemaker Balthasar-- 1. Servant to Romeo 2. Acts as a messenger for Romeo 3. Unknowingly gives Romeo false information that leads to Romeo's death Abraham-- 1. Servant of Lord Montague 2. Involved in the street fight in Act I THE CAPULET FAMILY: Lord Capulet-- 1. Very wealthy 2. Intent on the feud at the beginning of the play but changes attitude upon hearing the Prince's decree 3. Hot-tempered and doesn't like
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