West side story vs Romeo & juliet

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William Shakespeare began writing Romeo and Juliet in 1595. He did not know that from years to come, his play would become a classic. In fact that it is such a classic, that there has been repeated attempts to modernized its plot. Out of the repeated attempts there was another great play was West Side Story. Romeo and Juliet and West Side Story have a lot in common with each other. There is a lot of similarities between the two plays, since they are both based on the same concept. Juliet and Maria are the two main female characters. Romeo and Tony are the two main male characters. The nurse and Anita both help Juliet and Maria. Mercutio and Riff are the best friends of Romeo and Tony. Tybalt and Riff are both related to Juliet and Maria. They both like to fight. Tybalt and the nurse are friends and Anita is Riff’s girlfriend. Friar Lawrence and Doc were the only adults that knew about star-crossed lovers. Paris and Chino both are in love with the two main female characters. Romeo and Juliet meet at a party at the Capulet’s mansion. Maria and Tony meet at a school dance. After Romeo meets Juliet he goes to her balcony and hears her confessing her love about Romeo. Romeo reveals himself and admits the he feels the same way. Maria call Tony from the fire escape outside her room. Tony climbs up to see her, but they almost get caught, but the hide somewhere else and start singing to each other. Romeo and Juliet are secretly married by Friar Lawrence the next day the met. Tony and Maria have a mock wedding at the bridal shop at which Maria works. They use dress and suit stands to represent their family and friends, then, after they exchange vows, they sing. Bernardo wanted Maria to marry Chino, but they were not really engaged. Romeo kills himself because he think Juliet is dead. When Juliet sees Romeo dead she kills herself. Tony is killed by Chino. Maria does not
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