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Sports Psychology Happy Gilmore Happy Gilmore is a movie about a former hockey turned golfer, who is struggling to save his grandmothers house. During his hockey player to golfer transformation, you see a roller coaster of emotions from happy. As a hockey player, Happy could not skate, and was way too aggressive, even for hockey. After being spotted hitting a golf ball 400 yards at a driving range, he decides to give golf a try with the help of former golfer Chubbs. In the beginning of Happy’s golf career, he often gets frustrated and ends up cursing, breaking golf clubs, or punching other golfers. This is an example of how over arousal is not great when trying for your best performance. Happy has no filter, and loses focus easily, which does not work in a game that requires maximum focus. Along the way Happy has to deal with a heckling fan, who yells things before Happy is about to swing. This throws off the mentally weak Happy Gilmore. During a charity event Happy is teamed up with Bob Barker. The heckling fan takes Happy so far out of his game that he ends up fighting with his teammate on the golf course. This shows how outside influences can impact on field relationships. Happy Goes to Chubbs for help with his putting game. Putting is the worst part of his game, and also requires the most concentration. Chubbs teaches Happy how use “happy thoughts” to get him in the correct state of mind in order to putt. When Happy starts going to what they call his “happy place” his putting game improves. Happy uses self-talk to get himself in the perfect state of arousal to perform his task. Shortly after Happy learns how to putt, Chubbs dies in a freak accident. This is a drastic change in emotions. He also has to deal with the fact that his rival, Shooter McGavin has purchased his grandmothers house. Happy makes a bet with Shooter that if he wins the tour, then

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