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Savannah Stephens English Honors Juror Seven Twelve angry men is a drama about a sixteen year old boy who allegedly killed his father. When the only people deciding your fate are complete strangers you hope that they take a second look at what the facts are. Juror VII stands out, with barely a background, rude actions, and a confidence that he’s never going to be persuaded. Slicks, self-centered, jerk who is a salesman who wants to be anywhere but in this juror meeting. He talks about how he made a fortune selling marmalade (Pg.). He happens to love the Yankees and is desperate to go watch their game, with tickets burning in his pocket as his motivation, he eagerly throws out rude and snide remarks in every argument and conversation that happens within that small juror room. Juror VII doesn’t even care about the young boy with a death sentience riding on the decision of theses people, he just cares about himself. He proves that on page 17 when he states “He’s real quick with switch knives, they said. He’s a very fine boy. Then juror VIII states that he’s that way because his father beat him 24/7. In return he said “So would I with a kid like that.” Juror VII is always contributing to the…show more content…
He starts to listen to the contradictions of the evidence the court and what lawyers came up with, he also took all of the evidence that Juror VIII had proved in the juror room. He sees that the other juror’s reasons for voting “Not guilty” actually makes sense. He just didn’t want to show them that he was wrong and they were right. After a while he grows tired of their arguments and how the right “not guilty” side is. He starts to agree and when he’s asked why he changed his mind, he simply replied. “I don’t think he’s guilty.” (Pg 62) After that the guilty party

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