Character Study Of Keller In Elie Wiesel's 'Night'

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scene graph. 1. Paul and his family move to Darwin as his father got a job promotion, Paul meets Keller & starts his music lessons that he doesn't really like. He thinks that Keller is a very strange man and that he is silly for how he is teaching Paul! 2.Keller starts to open up about his life and how is Jewish wife and son were killed by the Nazi's when Herr Keller used to play for Adlof Hitler personally and thought that his family would be safe because of it. 3. Pauls parents discover that Keller was taught by the famous pianist 4. Paul meets Megan and starts having normal teenage boy desires. He ends up getting punched up because of these desires. 5.Paul starts going out with Rosie but has a sexual relationship with Megan. 6. Paul Joins the school rock band ''Ruff Stuff'' too annoy Keller and ends up winning the battle of the competition.…show more content…
Paul goes to Adelaide and loses the competition with his band and also the piano competition. 8. In this final meeting, Keller is ready to open up, and say all his secrets. This is also the last time Rosie is to be in Darwin. Paul's aroused sexual preference overwhelms him and he leaves Keller before Keller can open up - at the point Keller was FINALLY ready, he left to go to
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