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Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Rodrick Rules At the start of the book, Greg explains how bad his summer was with his brother Rodrick, who knows a secret that Greg is trying to keep. When Greg returns to school, he finds out he still has the Cheese Touch, but he gets away with passing it on to a new kid, called Jeremy Pindle. Later, it is clear that Greg and Rodrick are always broke, so Mom starts a "Mom Bucks" program. Rodrick, at first, mismanages the money on his magazines, while Greg carefully manages the cash. Rodrick has an upcoming science project, and tells it that he would prefer to do it on 'Gravity', but clearly shows no effort, and asks his family members to do it for him. Rodrick later pretended to have the flu and Mom and Dad leave the…show more content…
When Greg fails to do his history homework, he must borrow an assignment from Rodrick and pay him $20,000 in Mom Bucks, Unfortunately, Mom finds out about the stolen Mom Bucks when Rodrick tries to cash in the lot and she confiscates all of Greg’s Mom Bucks, including his real ones. After Thanksgiving, Rodrick's party is uncovered by a photo and he is grounded and. Greg is accused of being an 'accomplice' to Rodrick, and is banned from playing video games for being Rodrick's accomplice, even though he had been locked in the basement the whole time and had nothing to do with the party, much to Greg's dismay. Rodrick then starts preparing for the talent show, despite his punishment (he wasn't allowed to leave the house). Dad then ends his punishment two weeks early because he hated listening to Rodrick's band, Löded Diper, play every day. After Greg hurts Rowley by putting a dumbbell in a pillow that Rowley kicks during a sleepover, Greg must perform in the talent show with a first-grader, Scotty Douglas, who Rowley was partners with. They don't qualify, but Rodrick's band does. Rodrick, eager to continue to the talent show, hands in his Gravity science project earlier, but then is forced to do it again, since

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