Why The Great Gatsby We Shouldn T Judge People

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The great Gatsby homework: Chapter 1: 1. My respond to Nick Carraway’s quote in chapter one is that we shouldn’t judge people. As how his father once told him “Just remember that all the people in this world haven’t had the advantages that you’ve had.” His father gave Nick this wise advice to let him know that judging others only is a scandalous thing to do , how can you judge someone if you don’t know what they been through. He is mainly saying you don’t know anything about that person’s life how can you assume stuff and compare it with yours and criticize. I fully agree with Nick’s father point of view on this situation due to the fact that he has all reasoning to make this statement it’s foolish of people to criticize one whom you don’t know anything about. 2. The author describes Tom…show more content…
Nick explains that Jordan is “moved her ball from a bad lie in the semi-final round” suggesting that she is dishonest. Nick Character isn’t as honest as he plays himself out to be because he judges Jordan and everyone at the party. 2. “At a lull in the entertainment the man looked at me and smiled.” Nick begins a conversations with a man who randomly begins to talk to him and reveals himself as Gatsby. There are many rumor about Gatsby such as that” he killed a man”, he’s a German spy, and that he was in the “American army during the war.” The author reveals rumors rather than facts because he wants to preserve an image of mystic and keep Gatsby a curiosity because no one really knows him. 3. Nick is impressed by Gatsby because he thinks he is a very educated, elegant, and well-spoken man. 4. Nick seems that around him are hypocrites like Tom that have affair and Myrtles that cheats. He is impressed that he pays of him cottage and substances himself in an honest way. 5. West is has flashy parties and is the “less fashionable of the two .” However East Egg is where Tom lives that has inherited his fortune and has a more sophisticated
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