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Johnny Hernandez Mrs. James 2 February 2015 Juveniles as Adults I believe that juveniles should be tried as adults because they are old enough to know what they are doing, the juvenile system fails, and teen’s parents/childhood. The reason I think this is because I read a story about a kid named Greg Ousley who murdered his parents because he felt like he wasn’t loved enough, he felt like all he did was embarrassed his parents. One day after school he was depressed, his dad didn’t seem to care as much nor did his mother. So he said, “He has to kill them”, so later that night he shots his parents with a 12-guage shotgun in the head. Then tries to play it off as if someone came to his house, murdered his parents. This shows that he was old…show more content…
So taxpayers are shelling out top dollar for that 80% failure rate, in some facilities it cost $200,000 a year per juvenile inmate. So being that 80% either return or graduate is bad, that means only 30% leave and do something good in life. Those kids that return are obviously killing or hurting other people causing more chaos in the country. So maybe if we provide education to the juveniles they might realize what they are doing and maybe want to change for their life, how they think things out. The juvenile system needs to be stricter with teens, maybe making them stay with adult prisoners will scare them into changing their life. I watch this show called “Scared beyond Straight” and it’s about parents who send their bad kids to tour the prison. The prisons yell in their face and then after talk to them about why they are choosing the road they are on. Then before the show end it shows how the kids are doing and most of them actually change to be doing well. So maybe we need more programs like that or provide that in the juvenile…show more content…
But after a couple of years Greg felt bad for what he dad, one family member visited him to tell him about how is dad did love him. That is dad always brag about Greg to his Uncle, just was to scared and shy to show Greg how much he actually meant to him. He subscribed that the night he killed his parents that his dad took his old guitar, tried teaching him the chords to his old bluegrass song. They all sat together and started singing, so the reporter was confused on why Greg still wanted to kill his parents because of how great of a night they had. But now Greg’s case is telling one in the national debate over just what is accomplished by sentencing juveniles to long prison sentences. Because it is among the most target parricide, they are thinking of the juvenile ending when the person turns 18 or 21. On Jan. 4, 2011 almost 17 years to the day that Greg was sentenced. So I think if we send more juveniles to long sentences for what they do it will teach them not to do it again. Because all the time they are in jail, the more they will feel bad for what they did. They wouldn’t do it again when they are older because they wouldn’t want to be sentenced that long again. So maybe not sentencing juveniles to life in prison they can do have as long, to make them realize what they have done and the punishment that comes with it. If 80% fails

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