Essay On Generic Drugs

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It is no surprise that India is a global pioneer in the generic drugs marketplace, exporting medicine to Africa and other developing markets, including the United States. On 2nd October 2012, the Medical council of India and the Union Health Ministry issued a decree that generic medicines in India would only be sold by their generic names and not by their branded names and all physicians and doctors in hospitals run by the Central and State Government should prescribe only medications with generic names. On the other hand, the use of brand-name medicines still continues. What you need to know about generic drugs The chemical composition of generic drugs is no different than branded drugs. However, generic drugs are sold under the name of…show more content…
One major cause to promote generic medicine by the Government is to provide affordable drugs and medicines for people who can’t generally bear the costly branded medicines and bills of private hospitals. As it seems to be, more than 70 percent of India's population resides in rural areas, out of which about 35% is either below the poverty line or near to it. Another cause behind the broad use of generic medicines is to minimize the corrupt practices of healthcare providers who intentionally prescribe branded medicines over generic medicines. It has gossiped that private physicians would prescribe brand-name drugs because there are kickbacks or incentives from the pharma companies. Promoting generic medicines which are the same as the brand name ones will cut down the increasing expense on medical services and benefit the poor people. What do the doctors say about generic drugs? There is a huge difference of opinion regarding generic drugs. Practically, a majority of the doctor are unsettled about the effectiveness of generic medicines. According to a general practitioner in AIIMS, "there are particular generic drugs that don't function like the branded drugs. In AIIMS, certain generic medicines are not prescribed, rather branded ones are
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