What Are The Pros And Cons Of The American Healthcare System

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Introduction The U.S. health care system is the subject of a debate that is different for different observers. There are those who argue that America has the “best health care system compared to other countries in the world”, based on the grounds of the availability of the freely accessible modest medical technology and medical facilities (Barton, 2007). On the hand many critic argues that the medical healthcare in the United States is fragmented and inefficient, noting that many America spends more than any other citizens in the world yet the rate of the un-insured citizens still remain so high, and uneven healthcare distribution to the underserved and marginalized communities/groups (Dolan, 2011). The thesis of this paper is “to analyze…show more content…
As noted earlier no healthcare system is perfect and pros and cons will exist in any healthcare system in the world. Several advantages are associated with American healthcare system. The big investment on advanced medical technology and medicine in the United States heath care system is its strong advantage. This aspect makes it possible to monitor the medical states for the citizens who visit medical providers for treatment. This means that less people can prescribe for unnecessary medicine, which is advantage for the healthcare system in the United…show more content…
One difference that has been established when the American healthcare system is compared to the other healthcare systems in the world is the healthcare payer policy. It is important to note that unlike other countries such as Canada and France, United States system does not have a single payer’s policy that puts the financial liability on a single payer. A single payer policy makes it easy to control the healthcare cost as well as facilitating in the improvement of the administrative efficiency. The administrative efficiency is enhanced by lowering the number of entities and minimizing bureaucracy involved in healthcare transactions. On the other hand, a large proportion of the cost in the American healthcare system relates to costs for the doctors, hospitals and other administrative costs. It has been established that the cost for hospital cost alone in the United States is 60% higher in comparison to 5 other OECD countries in the world (OECD,

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