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Grant Simens Eng 10: 5 March 9, 2010 Universal Healthcare in the United States: Land of the Free? A government and its citizens have a symbiotic relationship that maintains order within the country: citizens supply the economy and build the country from the ground up, and in return the government supplies them with rights and protection. The United States, a nation that grants rights to its population, has entered into the 21st century with a failing healthcare system, though having the greatest medical resources out of all other developed nations. Because of this, many U.S. citizens are in desperate need of healthcare. This sparks a debate on whether or not a government is responsible for the healthcare of its citizens. A citizen…show more content…
citizens, universal healthcare would significantly lower healthcare costs for both the individual and the government. Without a doubt, something should be done to fix the current healthcare system; it is just a matter of what should be done. Over the past several years, the cost of healthcare in the U.S. has risen significantly and does not seem to lower, surpassing “$2.2 trillion in 2007” (An). This ever-increasing cost has caused less and less coverage, being unaffordable to more and more people; “The average American spends about $7,900 dollars per year on healthcare” (Sanders). Though healthcare is currently very costly, studies show that universal healthcare would be cheaper than the current privatized system (Conor). Healthcare acts as an umbrella: covering a group of people by spreading out healthcare costs amongst everyone under the umbrella. The problem with a privatized system is that the umbrella can fluctuate due to competiveness between insurance companies. The United States has a privatized system of healthcare; and out of twenty-nine countries, the U.S. is doing the worst when it comes to healthcare (Conor). There are many reasons why this is so. For starters the U.S. healthcare dollar is spent poorly due to…show more content…
“The United States ranks poorly relative to other industrialized nations in health care despite having the best health care providers and the best medical infrastructure of any industrialized nation” (Battista). This is due to the detrimental loop of increasing healthcare and less coverage. With less coverage, health rankings decrease as more people ill people go uncovered; “Americans have the highest healthcare cost… but do not have the healthiest outcomes” (Reeve). With a universal healthcare system, every citizen would have access to healthcare and the rankings would significantly improve. Currently the United States ranks 21st in life expectancy for men (20th for women) down from 1st in 1945 (Battista). Ranking 67th in immunizations, the health of the population is far worse than the U.S. had been fifty years ago though countless advancements in medicine have been made. Considering the U.S. is exceptionally advanced in the field of medicine, these statistics are shocking (Battista). For numerous rankings, the U.S. is far behind many underdeveloped nations. The United States is capable of more; U.S. citizens deserve more. Universal healthcare would assist all citizens for any health related issue, giving coverage to anybody who seeks it, and addressing all health problems. The U.S. needs universal healthcare for the benefit of the people, to recognize the medical

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