Assignment 1: Health Care Economics

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Assignment 1: Health Care Economics Strayer University HSA 510 Sophia S. Medlin Dr. Pica-Branco Debate whether or not economics apply to health care. Be sure to discuss in what ways. Health is a vital part of living and in my opinion goes hand in hand with the way people decide to live their lives. When looking at the economics of health care it rewrites the overall study of how make decisions in regards to their health. When we examine the issue it mostly focuses on the people to people interactions; which in most cases are physician to patient, the entire health care system, and the health care policies defined by the government (Lawrence R. Wu, 001). The thought of economics is made up of scarcity and the lack thereof and in the health care field there is plenty of that to go around. In which someone (someone being the government) has to govern the goods and services provided along with the quantity and how to allocate them to the economy. Right now there is a huge debate whether or not we as Americans should endorse the Obama Health Care plan which provides equal health care for all. Obama Care is all about fixing some of the flaws we have in our health care system, and making health care affordable for the public. Although we are the richest country in the world no many of us could afford necessary operations such as covering hospital bills for intensive care surgeries for ill babies, or bypass surgeries for coronary patients (Lawrence R. Wu, 001). If the plan goes into effect there will be decisions made by many to seek preventative care; that before it didn’t have health insurance and wouldn’t take the chance of being turned away or racking up medical expenses. Although having this plan would restrict some of the criteria insurance companies use in deciding whether or not to provide coverage for an individual or not in the end I

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