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The term “Universal Healthcare” refers to equal health coverage for all residents of a nation “funded by the government under [a] single-payer system” (Cummings). The United States currently does not utilize universal healthcare; its health insurance is provided mainly through employers and by private companies. This consumer-driven system is harmful to the residents of the United States who are unemployed and cannot afford expensive private insurance. It also facilitates the need for welfare and, even then, those on public assistance receive a lower quality of care. Universal Healthcare would lower the mortality rate in the United States by solving the problem of the uninsured and the underinsured, as well as halt rising healthcare costs in the U.S. In addition, the consumer-driven healthcare system we now utilize reflects the uneven distribution of power…show more content…
The American Association for Labor Legislation started lobbying for healthcare and, by 1920, eight states had assigned formal administrations to investigate the topic of healthcare. In 1915, the Association had developed a “Standard Bill” for healthcare, which many state legislators then adopted (Terris 13). However, the concept of universal healthcare did not emerge until the early 1930s. This era accommodated Federal-state health insurance and NHI still received strong opposition. With the Great Depression came a high unemployment rate and a need for extended healthcare. Blue Cross/Blue Shield plans were created in an attempt to solve the need for sufficient healthcare. In addition, health care began to be provided through employers. This resulted from the freeze in wages accompanying World War II. Workers were displaced into the defense industry and employers used health coverage rather than wages to attract them to urban areas. Employer-sponsored healthcare became popular and remained a “permanent issue”

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