History Of Health Care Reform

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Health Care Reform Economics 450 I will talk about the history of health care reform in the United States. Also, I will discuss the current legislature that is in Congress to improve the policy for Americans. I will also look at consumer-driven health plan. I will cover the advantages and disadvantages to the health care reform. I believe that everyone has something to gain from improvements in the insurance health care system. Since the 1930, many Presidents have tried to pass Health care reform and failed in Congress. As a result, the numbers of uninsured have increased over the years. Due to the lack of action at the federal level, many states have taken action to lower the number of uninsured. They have formed plans under…show more content…
If the plans are designed properly, it will increase preventative care and on average will consumers will receive a high level of health care. Currently, President Obama has introduced health care reform to Congress. The proposal would make health care coverage more affordable, make health insurers more accountable, expand health coverage to all Americans, and make the health care sustainable. It would stabilize the family budget, the federal budget, and the economy. It would make insurance more affordable and making tax cuts for the middle class. It would reduce the premiums for millions of people that can’t afford coverage. It sets up a competitive health care markets system to Americans. They would start greater accountability on the health care to keep the premiums down and prevent insurance industry abuses and denial of care. They would end the discrimination of Americans with pre-existing conditions. It puts the budget and economy in a more stable path and decreases the deficit by 100 billion over the next ten…show more content…
It would give health care coverage to illegal aliens. It would also place the insurance companies at the disadvantage to the consumer. It would increase taxes for middle class and small businesses employee would have less coverage. The government control health care system will allow less flexibility of care for the patient. The healthy people would have to pay the burden of sick people. Patients may have to wait a long time for treatments. In conclusion, I have talked about the history of health care reform. I talked about the current legislature in Congress for health care reform. I have discussed the advantage of the consumer driven health plans. I talked about the advantage and disadvantage of the reforming health care. I believe that the advantages overweight the disadvantages of health care reform. It will allow the uninsured to have health insurance coverage and mandates coverage for all

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