Essay On Obama Care

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Obama Care Tabatha Eberhart DeVry University Living in America where Health Insurance is a major concern and issue there seems to be a major debate on Obama Care. Why are so many people confused on how this coverage works? Health Insurance has been around since the beginning of time, providing coverage for people. Many people depend on their health insurance for losses from accidents, medical expenses, or disability. Prescription drug plans are a form of insurance offered through some health insurance plans. The Obama Care which was signed into law on (March 23, 2010), with this significant change to Health Care it has raised concerns with the American people, and it shaped how they made decisions on health care coverage. I do…show more content…
Between 50 and 51% of young people believe their cost of care will increase under the health reform law (“Harvard Law School, 2013”) also young Americans are much less likely to enroll in the insurance program mandated by the 2010 legislation. Insurance Premiums increased for employers making health coverage not affordable to families. With this new law is it really cost effective, are we able to keep our same doctors. People should be able to have access to quality health insurance regardless of your financial status. The new laws where established to protect consumers against health insurers, so no one would be denied coverage because of an illness such as: Cancer, Aids and other chronic diseases. Author Jed Graham’s article, “Obama Care’s impact on Job loss” (2013), emphasizes how the new health care reform law is causing job loss. According to Graham some law firms, school districts and hospitals throughout the United States are facing tough choices with rising insurance cost under Obama Care. Graham shows the scope of this problem by showing that, according to politicians and economist Affordable Care Acts give businesses and incentive to cut worker’s hours below the 30 hour per-week
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