Cost Of Healthcare

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Organizational Systems and Quality Leadership Covering the Cost of Healthcare Jean Marion With the rising cost of healthcare, families, insurance companies, and government agencies are continuously looking for ways to covers the costs, and reduce the costs incurred. Nurses need to understand issues related to healthcare financing, and be able to educate families and show them where to find additional assistance. Scenario 1: While discussing Mrs. Zwick’s healthcare coverage with her daughter, I would let her know that I am just giving her a basic breakdown of what is covered by which part of Medicare. For more information, she should go to Medicare Part A will cover her 5 day hospital stay minus an…show more content…
Davis wishes he lived in some other country where he could have better access to healthcare. If he lived in Great Britain he would not pay for his healthcare. While they work they pay higher taxes to cover the cost of healthcare, but his healthcare would not stop if he lost his job. There is more access to healthcare for children, unemployed, and retired persons regardless of their income. They receive no medical bills; therefore, there is no threat of bankruptcy due to a medical condition. Medications are not free of charge but they do have Prescription prepayment certificates (PPC) to cover any medications needed. They pay £2 per week, which is $3.05 in U.S. dollars (, 2013). To see a specialist, they have to go through a “gate keeper.” This is a general practice doctor to sees them and determines the need for a specialist. The doctors are government employees making a set salary, and they receive a bonus for keeping their patients healthy. The hospitals compete to be the popular hospital to keep from being shut down (Reid, 2008). If Mr. Davis lived in Great Britain, he would receive exceptional care without the high medical bills. References: National Health Service (NHS) (2013). Get help with prescription costs . (n.d.). Retrieved from Reid, T. R. (Performer) (2008). Great britain: A leader in preventive medicine [Television series episode]. In Palfreman, J. (Executive Producer), Sick around the world. Frontline. Retrieved from U.S. Dept of Labor (2013). Continuation of health coverage — cobra. (n.d.). Retrieved from
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