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Health Policy Legislation Paper Abstract This paper seeks to explore the current bill within the health sector in the US. One of the most controversial and famous bills in the media is the Obama Health Care bill. Within this paper, the bill number is determined and highlighted. The paper expounds on the background information of the bill as well as the legislation process. It reviews the advantages and disadvantages as well as the problems and challenges associated with the bill. Obama Healthcare Bill The medical environments around the world have been up to the task of improving their scope. The countries are focused on improving the efficiency within health care; and prefer the alteration of the health care sector. This is done through…show more content…
Tom Graves, who is an American politician currently, funds the bill so that the taxpayers’ money is not used in the implementation of the bill. The president also sponsors the bill. The American Constitution allows the congress to pass the sponsorship of the bills, a concept which is referred to as ‘power to pass a purse’. This therefore means that congress also has the ability to defund the bill. The sponsorship of the bill through defunding, provides the most viable in the prevention of further damage (Peterson, 2011). The Legislative process that a bill must take involves many steps. The process starts with the introduction of the bill to congress and after many adaptations and readings before congress it finally passes to become law. Currently, the bill is in the publication of a Written Report. This step involves the writing of the report on the bill and the discussion of the issues that arose in the bill’s provision. The report writing is arranged by the committee and the report reports or authors the scope of the bill’s report and also the scope and intent of the legislation needs or decline of the bill (Bailey,…show more content…
The bill is enduring a lot of vetting and committees within the legislative process. All this does is makes the implementation of the bill extremely difficult and bureaucratic. The reforms needed in the pharmacies, doctors and other health sectors possess a big problem as the transition is hectic and difficult (Bailey, 2008). Like many other ideas to better the people as a whole within this country, Obama Care has put the cart before the horse. I am not saying that the bill will not work or that it is not needed, I just believe that more effort and thought should have gone into the proposed plan and what implications it has on all involved before trying to go live with coverage. I guess like everything else, time will tell the overall effectiveness and benefit of Obama Care and will show if it has made us better and more compassionate for those who are less fortunate or has had the opposite effect and has done more damage than good to an already unstable health care industry. References Bailey, L. (2008). Obama and McCain on Health Care Reform. Business & Economic Review, 55(1), 24-29. Gitterman, D., & Scott, J. (2011). Obama Lies, Grandma Dies: The Uncertain Politics of Medicare and the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. Journal of Health Politics, Policy & Law, 36(3), 555-563. Peterson, M. (2011). It Was a Different Time: Obama and the Unique Opportunity for Health Care Reform. Journal of

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