Health Policy Reflection Essay

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May 2013 HCA – 255 Health policy Reflection “ There is an Axis of Evil, An Axis of Evil of inequality, of racism, of poverty, of economic deprivation that is adversely affecting the health of the American people.” David Williams Health care is not just health care; it is a group of laws, bylaw, policy, acts and reforms we have people that make decision on health care based on things like political and legal analysis, these are consider the most import elements in the decision making, though there are several factors that are regarded within the health care policy decision making has a whole. You hear a lot about their needs to be more political planning regarding our health care policy. I believe their need to be more then analysis and striating the complex political and legal outlook of health care policy here in the US. There is a need more improvement and the only way the health care system and its policies are going to improve is by the implementation planning, feedback to our policy processes as we move forward. Organization will not always agree because of a different in perspectives. However, from a strategic standpoint moving forward is equally beneficial for all political and special groups involved in health care planning. When it comes to health care there is no one size fits all solutions, and the same can be said for health care policy. With Germany and the United Kingdom having been at it this for about a century, producing a legacy of contentious policy disputes ( However, no one said this would be easy, now that we have transnational organizations like the world health Organization (WHO) and the World Bank that help accelerate the learning curve by identifying promising political or legal polices to help aid health care policy throughout the world. Despite all this accumulated knowledge, experience and analysis healthy
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