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The Cost of Health Care in the United States Health Care System Tiffany HCA 305 Professor: Teresa Thomas October 7, 2013 Healthcare costs in the United States has been a major issue in the United States for decades. With the population of the baby boomers increasing, and the population of the United States increasing, health care costs are rising and continue to do so. With Congress passing health care reforms, there has been little evidence in the reducing cost of health care. New and advanced technology within the health care field would be a great implementation in reducing health care costs. Also, if people took more responsibility of their health while insurance reforms develop, that would be another attempt in reducing health…show more content…
Their role within the health care system is to pay for their employee’s medical care. On the other hand, they are the ones to decide what should be paid for and to what extent (Sultz & Young, 2012). Employers are concerned about how much money they are putting into their employee’s health care, but are interested in keeping them healthy so they can get back to work as soon as possible. Therefore, employees are paying a premium due to their employers only paying a specific amount for their health care. As companies have tried to tighten the budgets, benefits have fallen victim. Employees who once paid little for medical care are now paying more out of pocket. It is likely that this shift has required medical providers to rely on payments from patients who may have trouble paying their share. Until recently, employers did not focus on medical insurance programs that required those covered under the plan to take any type of accountability for their health. Therefore, employers need to establish wellness programs that promote prevention instead of merely giving insurance that covers illness and disease. Employers could offer reduced premiums for non-smokers and to those who participate in weakness education. Employers have an opportunity to educate their employees on how to be good stewards of their health care cost that they encore. The other major stakeholders within the health care system are the…show more content…
The U.S. performs worse on life expectancy and infant mortality (Edmonds, Molly, 10 September, 2009). An American Citizen pays more for health care, but has fewer doctor appointments each year than citizens of other countries. Molly Edmonds states, “When an American citizen spends the night in the hospital, it costs 5.6 times more than it would cost a person in Japan” (10 September, 2009, p. 2, para 2). So, when comparing hospital stays to other countries, the United States charge more for hospital

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