Why Are Healthcare Costs Skyrocketing

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Healthcare Spending Paper Tracy Grainger HCS/440 August 8, 2011 Humberto Munoz Healthcare Spending Paper Why are the United States healthcare costs skyrocketing? There are several conditions that have been working together that have moved to a decade of unrelenting increases. The United States spends more on health care than any other country does, and studies have shown that 30% of it, more like 700 billion a year has been wasted on unneeded care. This is mostly due to routine CT scans, MRI’s, office visits, hospital stays, minor procedures, and brand name prescriptions that are requested by patients and ordered by doctors every day. Patients in higher spending regions such as Los Angeles get more tests, more procedures, more…show more content…
There have been more errors made with drugs and procedures, and hospital stays that can be risky. Healthcare costs are bankrupting small businesses and millions of families and it’s really bad for the country. At the current growth rates, health care spending by the government alone would increase from 5% to 20% of the economy by 2050. Social Security would increase from only 5% to 6%. There is no proven link between more spending and better care. (Grunweld, 2009) How doctors would cut health care costs, they would make sure the benefits are substantial once the new law takes full effect in 2014. People with preexisting medical conditions could no longer be denied insurance. (Alderman, 2010) All lifetime and annual limits on coverage would be eliminated and new policies would be required to meet higher benefit standards. How can the country reduce health care costs while not compromising quality? What’s in jeopardy in medicine is the connection between doctor and patient. Doctors, patients, and insurers should work together to recreate familiarity, the trust, and friendly alliances that are used to define patient-caregiver relationships. The healthcare profession needs to rediscover the power of the human relationship and bring about the kinds of lifestyle changes that would reduce disease big time. (Alderman,

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