A Case Against Universal Health Care

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A Case against Universal Health Care MHA620: Health Policy Analyses Instructor: Robert Vega Marla K. Fresquez 08-26-13 Health care has come a long way in its innovations and medications that can help diseases. We have vaccinations that use to kill people in the earlier ages such as small box, polio we have come a long way. Unfortunately with all of these new medications and machines it has also made the cost of healthcare go up. Will insurances pay for these medications and the new technology that could possibly save your life? It may or may not depending on what kind of insurance you have and how many hoops you have to jump thru before they actually authorize the medication or give you the okay for the technology to be used on you. In one article it is saying that the U.S. is one of the leading in health care technology. That we have machines that can save lives and that we have medications that can help us live longer with our diseases but it comes with a high cost. It is making the employer take most of the cost and the patient pay very little but is this really true. Most people have high deductibles before the employer will even start to pay some of the health insurance coverage. So while you are trying to meet your deductible you are paying way to much out of pocket by the time the insurance kicks in some people cannot pay their bills or having a hard time keep trying to make their appointments because they are spending a lot of their money on deductibles. Soon everyone is going to have to have health coverage in the U.S. Will they make it so that people can afford the coverage? Will it be decent insurance so that it will be worth paying for? The government needs to really look at the people that they want to provide insurance for. Most of the times people are struggling to keep food on the table and a roof over their children’s heads they will

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