Walter Cuffey's A Letter To The Editor

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A Letter to the Editor It is Walter Cuffey's opinion that providing free housing and healthcare naturally would diminish people's desire to work for the government and pay their taxes, which in the long run would lead the country to bankruptcy. This contradicts Congressman Jesse Jackson Junior's opinion who believes it simply would create millions of jobs in the housing and health care industries and because of that generate a greater economic prosperity. I do not believe that the free housing Jackson mentions is meant to be expensive and luxurious. However, by free housing I imagine, he in point of fact means shelter, so that no-one in America have to live on the street. Once you have got a roof over your head, a solid base to return to,…show more content…
Private ownership prevents the government from controlling ones worth and individual liberty. That's why Jackson's amendments would contradict the purpose of the constitution by decreasing private property ownership and turn people into tax slaves instead. It is basic knowledge that a government that is permitted to take from some and give to others possesses the power to deprive anybody of their equal rights to life etc. With this declaration I feel Cuffey is overreacting, when he basically says providing free shelter to the homeless and free health care to all Americans will cause people to be less free. In Denmark I as a citizen am fortunate to be given free health care, and I certainly do not feel less free than any other American who cannot say the same. I would rather pay more in taxes to gain free health care and shelter for the needed than paying less taxes and therefore provide myself and others with the certainty of not being helped by a professional health carer for free when we are in most need of it. Nevertheless, I do understand the difficulty of realizing Jackson's wishes for his country given that the population of America does not account for a small number, and also since it absolutely is not all who receives a stable economic income with which the high

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