Liberals Vs Liberals Essay

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Liberals and Conservatives both want to do what they think is best for the people but they both have different ways on how they will accomplish what they think is best. The Liberals and Conservative parties are grouped into different groups using a thing called Typologies. The Typologies are the different groups that define the people based on what they think and split up across the political spectrum. The Liberals have different typology groups which are based on social freedoms and our rights and the Conservative typology groups are based on less involvement with the government with people aid and more business with less government control. The Liberals want people to be able to be free and have help from the government for both business and people aid and want us to have social freedoms to do what we want but the Conservatives want less government help with people aid and business and want us to be free but with the old social traditions conserved. One of the major issues that is happening right now is gun control. Some people believe that gun control is needed because of the recent violence with guns like the school shootings and killings but a majority of people believe that owning and having a gun is a right for all and do not like the new gun control stuff that is happening because whether owning a gun is legal or…show more content…
The democratic party made a new healthcare plan that makes health care affordable for all and if you can’t afford it then the government can most likely help you get it and this ties in well with the liberals view of the government helping the people stay protected but it also clashes with the conservatives point of view. The conservatives believe that health care should be bought independently and not helped by the funding of the government because they believe that the people need to be able to keep themselves afloat without the governments help with our daily
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