Paradox Of Government Essay

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William Mullen POL423-V2D5 Political Science Week 4 The Paradox of American Government I’m going to discuss this in the best way I can. The way I understand it we as citizens should be able to influence those that represent us and the majority opinion should become policy. The problem with this process as it stands today would have to be who truly influences politics in America. The reason this process seems to be, in my opinion, broken, has everything to do with those that truly influence policy in this country. The majority of Americans don’t want invasive ultrasound bills, they do want the Bush era tax cuts to be eliminated, they do want affordable or even single payer healthcare. The reason that certain bills and laws are being pushed through against the will of the majority is money. Money from billionaires and corporations has more influence in this country than the voice of the people. There is supposed to be a system of checks and balances…show more content…
Anything that goes against what the corporate powers that be is demonized and twisted into a different form through their media outlets to create something that the ill-informed will swallow it no questions asked. Anyone that speaks out against what is obviously wrong with the system is turned into an enemy, while the one’s violating our rights and freedoms are treated like benevolent kings. Recently there have been many successful efforts to subjugate the poorer voters in this country. These measures have passed and it will become difficult for poorer and elderly people to vote in this country. The reason for this is simple, poor people and minorities are more likely to vote for Obama in the coming election and they have more numbers than those that will not. By making it harder for the poor to vote it is easier for the richest of Americans to vote for the person that will make sure they stay
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