If America were Communist or Socialist

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If America were Communist If America turned into a communist state, all aspects of my life would be affected. Communism would never be incorporated into the US because it is associated with a loss of individual rights, which is treasured by the American people. But if Communism were theoretically accepted, this is what would happen: Everything from how much money you make at work to healthcare would be drastically transformed. Everyone in the United States would make the same amount of money and have the same amount of wealth. Healthcare would also be free. This all sounds like a perfect system, but it is far from it. In Communist America, everyone that works would become less and less motivated to work. The reason for this is that everyone makes the same amount of money, with no benefits if you work harder or have a better job. This could lead America to use fear and violence to “motivate” the American people. Simple things, such as buying a car or buying other foreign products would become a much more costly endeavor. The reason for this is that Communism has trouble spreading throughout the global economy, leading to increased prices on imports. The free healthcare also sounds like a great idea, but it has its disadvantages. The quality of the healthcare would be drastically lower than in a Capitalist country, as we can observe in modern day Cuba. If America were Socialist If America turned into a socialist state, like Canada, many things would be changed. In my opinion, things would be changed for the worst. Advantages of socialism include universal health care, a fairer distribution of wealth, and the Government providing the general population with basic survival needs. Thinking on a smaller scale, the purchase of cars and other consumer products would not be affected. The reason for this is that socialism integrates well into the world economy. How
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