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“Comparative News Story” Both the American and Chinese’s Healthcare systems are currently facing challenges. President Obama’s healthcare law is currently being analyzed by the U.S Supreme Court because there is a question of if it contradicts the constitution. Based on the article “How the Affordable Care Act Helps the U.S. Economy”, there are politicians who believe that President Obama’s healthcare law is unconstitutional. On the other hand there are citizens and other politicians who are supportive of the healthcare plan. China’s economy and citizens health is currently under fire because the universal health care spending is no longer proving a profit for the economy. Both counties are currently trying to reduce the impact healthcare…show more content…
Once people start to see the decrease in health disparities among the Bourgeoisies and Proletariats politicians would be able to gain more trust from the people in the U.S society. China is a country that has universal health care. In spite of this country being ranked the top ten for best global healthcare they are still faced with an economic crisis. In sociology I learned about how people in each social class have different ways of living and expectations from the government. The upper class would not want to have the same healthcare as someone in the lower class or working class. Those in higher social classes believe that if they worked hard to achieve a certain level in society then they should be rewarded for it in all areas of their life (e.g., higher income, better neighborhood, better healthcare, better education for children, etc.). This point leads me to think that China’s healthcare system may have been corrupted because those in a higher class were more likely to have faster and better assistance. Doctors in china are known to be bribed by the upper class. In my opinion this could be another reason why there are politicians who believe this law is unconstitutional. I do…show more content…
The working and lower class individuals commonly have negative stereotypes associate to them. It is because of this, along with the struggles of everyday life, they have a high rate of being stressed and depressed. Stress is one of the common causes of most health disparities. Individuals in china have are more stressed because of the quality of care they receive from the hospitals. America and China have political, sociological, and psychological factors that influence their opinions of healthcare and it’s disparities in relationship to the country’s economy. When I took my SOC 499 class on health disparities the biggest challenge of the class was trying to figure out whom to blame for these health disparities in the American healthcare system. Majority of my classmates felt that the physicians were to blame because of their lack of background on each of their patients. A few thought it was the government’s fault because they were not providing healthcare insurance to the people of the low-income community. Then there was a question of it possibly being the individual’s fault for poor health, since America is an individualized

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