Examples Of Federalism In Healthcare

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Healthcare The paper before you brings forth a look at the new healthcare policy and the theory of U.S. Federalism. This paper will allow you to see the process for which states deal with healthcare policy and how it eventually evolves into a national policy issue. This is one of the issues that is a controversial topic in every state and across the nation. This paper will explain the supporters of the ACA of the healthcare issue. Healthcare policy that is the subject of debate is healthcare reform. Healthcare reform in the United States would allow people who were previously uninsured to derive benefit (Levin-Waldman 2012). There is great controversy over who should have to pay for those who were lacking any coverage. Those who could not be…show more content…
We have come to think of federalism in terms of intergovernmental relations where the lines divide national and state sovereignty are no longer so clear. There is constant interaction between the states and national which proves that both depend on each other (Levin-Waldman 2012). Many supporters of Affordable Care Act (ACA) believe that healthcare reform is necessary for the American citizens, because some citizens are dying without adequate healthcare coverage, cost of healthcare is rising, and the government believes that this should decrease the overall cost of insurance over time. Citizens of America without healthcare coverage suffer from illness and even die because they cannot be treated in a community hospital. A prime example is Libby Rae. She is a 43

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