'Why Haven T We Made A Change?' By T. R. Reid Analysis

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Aakash Patel Dr. Richard Scotch Sociology 4372 12/10/14 Why haven’t we made a change? America has the best doctors and the best medical facilities, but the overall health care system is ranked pretty low. The country does not take full advantage of the resources that we have due to a broken health care system in the country. T.R. Reid shows that other countries has a lot better health system than does the USA and we could learn from them. Reid believes that we can decrease costs and improve access to care if we used a different health care system. One of the main reasons that Reid dislikes the American Health Care system is because the system does not provide health care to everybody in the country. “The cohort of Americans who don’t have health insurance on any given day numbers over 45 million (about 15 percent of the population)”(Reid Ch. 3). He sees other countries where everybody has access and his belief in access to all grows. I feel like he includes the Nikki White’s story to point how many people who do not have care in America could really uses the care. (Reid Ch. 1) Reid wants any new health care system implemented in the United States to include health care access to all. Secondly, Reid…show more content…
It also lets know the problems with the respective health care systems over time and lets us know how the country has responded to the problems. This quote helps us learn about the problems with the British health care system, “the NHS faced a problem that still persists six decades later: When you make medical care free, people tend to use a lot of medical care. The NHS exceeded its budget in its first year of operation and in most years thereafter”(Reid Ch7). It is important to know the problems of each health system because it is helpful in deciding if we want to implement that health system in

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