US Healthcare System

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Problems within the U.S. healthcare system Name Institution Problems within the U.S. healthcare system The United States healthcare system is facing numerous challenges at the moment. One of the central issues in the re-election campaign of 2012 is healthcare reform. The Supreme Court ruled recently to uphold the healthcare reformed championed by president Barrack Obama in the 2010 legislation, but the Republicans are wholly opposed to it. This may seem a straightforward political debate, but the healthcare situation is a big concern. Compared with other developed nations, America lags behind in the provision of quality and affordable healthcare to its citizens. This research paper will discuss some of the challenges facing the industry and solutions that can be applied to rectify them. Rising costs of medical care Healthcare is the leading socio-economic challenge affecting Americans. The ever increasing cost of medical care and insurance in affecting the American way of life in many aspects. Having problems paying for primary healthcare is no longer the preserve of the poor or the unemployed, but is affecting even those with medical insurance (Shea, 2005). Fifty million Americans lack medical insurance, while another twenty five…show more content…
It boasts of the best hospitals, research institutions and competent and highly skilled personnel in the world, yet it is among the countries that perform poorly amongst industrialized nations in terms of long-term care. Its healthcare system is inefficient, bureaucratic, and divided. This has been contributed by misconceptions across the American population concerning healthcare issues (Malhotra, 2010). Some of these are: U.S. has the best healthcare system globally; healthcare rationing is impossible in America; many migrants are in the United States because of healthcare; immigrants are the cause of rising healthcare costs and socialized medicine is not
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