America Joins the Universal Health Care Wagon

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Universal health care is referring to health care that is paid for or subsidized by the government and tax payers. Since World War II most countries created some type of universal health care for their citizens. The United States has been one of the last countries to have a universal health care system. Other countries across the globe like Britain, France and Japan have created a universal health care for their citizens to get better care. America has their reservations that a universal health may not work because of its lack of choices and freedoms. There are pros and cons to having a universal health care system. For one, a universal health care offers free health services to people that cannot afford health care the services they need. The cons, is that a universal health care system often results in long wait times for patients and not everyone may receive the type of care that they need. The rising cost of health care has cause the government to step in and control regulations and spending; thus creating a health care reform system. America is now entering into this reform. The purpose of having a universal health care system is to provide covered care for all its residence, dispel misnomers about the program, and America's health care system, before Obama Care, was organized around private insurance companies, which many of our citizens could not afford. With the new Obama health care system, everyone pays into the system and everyone receives care. Just like Britain's health care system, they provides free public healthcare to all permanent residents at the point of need. Funding for these programs are paid for from general taxes. The health care cost in America has risen significantly in the past few decades. According to Cockerham, in 1980, the average cost a person spends on health care was $1100 and by 2008 the cost has risen to $7681 per person

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