Nationalizing Health Care

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Throughout the last few decades nationalizing of health care has been a very controversial topic. Health care has been a problem among Americans for many years. Today many Americans have little or no health insurance. Many Americans do not get the proper medical treatment. Health care is hard for people to get the proper coverage due to high prices, pre-existing conditions, or debt problems. Insurance companies often have loop holes people do not see, causing problems when a medical condition occurs. Children are not receiving the proper medical care due to their families not having the proper coverage. Many Americans are continuing to get sicknesses and go untreated, causing more Americans to suffer or die quickly. Nationalizing health care…show more content…
The cost of health insurance is continuing to rise which intern is making it difficult for Americans to provide health care for themselves and their families. Nationalizing health care would make health care more affordable to all Americans. Americans would be ensured the best health insurance possible. According to David Himmelstein, “Health insurance premiums have doubled in the last 8 years, rising 3.7times faster than wages in the past 8 years, and increasing co-pays and deductibles threaten access to care. Many insurance plans cover only a limited number of doctors’ visits or hospital days, exposing families’ to unlimited financial liability. Over half of all personal bankruptcies today are caused by medical bills. Lack of affordable health care is compounded by serious flaws in our health care delivery system. About 100,000 Americans die from medical errors in hospitals every year. One-quarter of all medical spending goes to administrative and overhead costs, and reliance on antiquated paper-based record and information systems needlessly increases these costs. Over 45 million Americans—including over 8 million children—lack health insurance. Eighty percent of the uninsured are in working families. Even those with health coverage are struggling to cope with soaring medical costs. Skyrocketing health care costs are making it increasingly difficult for employers, particularly small businesses, to provide health insurance to…show more content…
The rich, poor, young or old would have access to health insurance. According to rotor news a national health care system would mean “Insurers would have to issue every applicant a policy and charge fair and stable premiums that will not depend upon an enrollee’s health status. The Exchange would require that all the plans offered are at least as generous as the new public plan and meet the same standards for quality and efficiency. Insurers would be required to justify an above-average premiums increase to the Exchange. The Exchange would evaluate plans and make the differences among the plans, including cost of services, transparent” (Rotor news 2008). Therefore a national health care system would be beneficial to the American people by lowering the cost of premiums. Overall, a national health care system in the United States would be beneficial and more efficient. A national health care system would make health insurance more affordable making it possible for people to get the proper health insurance for themselves and their families. Children would get the proper medical attention because with a national health care system their parents could afford health insurance. As Chris Farrell stated “no matter how the tab is met, the biggest myth in public policy today is that we can't afford universal health insurance

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