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Health Care Reform Project Part I HCS 440 Bruce Peterson December 24, 2012 Summary The rapid population growth in the United States along with the continuously rising health costs makes managing the health care industry difficult. Because of technologic advancements both in healthcare services and medicine, people are able to live longer lives. However, as the aging population grows, more will need healthcare and more services will need to be provided. In the 1950s, not that many people lived longer than their 70s (Getzen & Allen, 2007). Furthermore, in the 1950s there were larger families so elderly care was more commonly given by family members. As people get older there are also more health risks and health problems. With the…show more content…
In 2050, the global population of people age 60 and older will grow from more than 100 percent to an estimated two billion. With the aging population growing, they must do this actively and in good health because if not they do not then we will not be able to generate the levels of economic growth we have enjoyed over the past century. The cost of disease and health challenges will grow tremendously if we do not create a more innovative and effective way to stay healthy. The agenda for the future is to continue to recognize and address the relationships between the aging, health care and the economy. With the right solutions, health care can become the most powerful driver of growth in the 21st…show more content…
This will also increase the amount of people that are retired from 12 percent of the United States population to almost 20 percent. With the rise of the aging population there is a need for more professional health and social service expertise. According to the Institute of Medicine’s landmark report, the is a shortage of health care professionals to care for the aging population in the current time and this number will grow faster as the Baby Boomers retire. One of the fastest growing employment sectors would be the eldercare. . Medicaid and Medicare are some of the programs that build the nation’s eldercare workforce. They also ensure that there will be well-trained workforce to deliver the care to the aging. It also stated that we need to make sure that we tell our Senators and Congressmen to reject the cuts to eldercare programs. We need to also make sure that we let Congress know that American people do want these programs protected in the budget

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