Health Care Bill Obama Pros And Cons

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President Obama’s "Health Care Bill" The new health care bill, will it saves all Americans as intended by the President or does the opposite. That’s seems to be the hot topic. This paper will analyze and attempt to associates or predicts possible impacts and outcomes of the bill on the economy, health insurance, the health insurance industry, Wall Street, and or the U.S. population in general, or I as an individual. To answer the above questions, we’ll explore some possible outcomes or impacts of Obama-care. But, lets first analyze the bill, in order to provide possible impacts on the above situation,. The Obama health care plan was intended to provide all American with stability and security under the health care reform. It was design…show more content…
To eliminate such process, the new bill will, offer new, low cost coverage through a national “high risk” frees, to protect people with preexisting condition until a new exchange is created. The pro of the new health care bill is that it will not add a dime to the current deficit and it is paid for, upfront. This reform will create independent commission of doctors and medical experts to identify waste, fraud and abuse in the health care system. Not only that, but it will order immediate medical malpractice reform projects that will help doctors to put their patient first instead on defensive medicine practice. However, it will require large employers to cover their employees and individuals who can afford it to buy insurance so that everyone will the share the responsibility of the…show more content…
People have to look at the current health care arena before we go on criticizing the health care reform. The health care reform might be a little pricy, but it out wait the current one that we have. In the long run, the health care reform will eliminate $2.5 trillion of federal spending, enough to boost the GDP by 18%. On top of that, everyone would be insured through the health care reform. It would basically fund itself, because everyone would be participating, it would cost less, due to the mass resources combined. While many people may see Obama care as a disaster, it’s ten times better than the current one that we have. Study shows that in the next 10 years the Obama care will save the economy an estimated $5 trillion, which would increase the GDP

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