Obama Pros And Cons

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Dre Anderson Mr. Fallon Macroeconomics 11/2/12 Obama HealthCare Plan An ongoing problem in the United States of America today is health care. There has been many attempts to change healthcare plans and insurance so everyone can be covered and have healthcare available to them and their families. Obamas Healthcare plan is an attempt to make health care affordable for all Americans so that they have full coverage. Some believe that Obamas plan could possibly be efficient while some think it will not. Obama Healthcare expresses dramatic effects to people who already have health insurance, people who don’t have health insurance, those who can’t afford it, and older people who are on Medicare. Obamas Health Care plan will help some people…show more content…
On June 28, 2012, the Supreme Court ruled that the Federal government does not have the right to make it mandatory for people to have to buy health insurance from a private company. However, it does have the right to tax those that don't. The Court struck down the idea that states people must add people to Medicaid. However, many states will still take advantage of this portion of Obama Care because the Federal government will not take the bill away until it as shown negative effects. So until the Federal government takes it away states will take advantage of gaining extra money from taxes being paid from those who don’t invest into getting health insurance. People shouldn’t be forced to buy health insurance. Especially if people cannot afford it, those who do not have health insurance are putting the U.S. in debt because of not being capable of affording their medical bills. Health insurance debt is the number one debts in the U.S. Families that have health insurance don't have to worry about these costs, because their insurance plans pay for most of these costs. Families with health insurance only pay a small fee per visit, called a co-payment. Most people get health insurance as a benefit from the company they work for. The company usually splits the monthly cost, known as a premium. It isn’t right for Obama Care to force everyone to get health insurance but it is the most logically because insurance companies cannot deny anyone so that everyone can be covered. There are about 32 million people who don't have health insurance. If something happens, and they have to go to the hospital, they often just don't pay the bill, and the hospital has to cover it. To cover the costs, hospitals raise the prices of health care for everyone and if the prices are raised then the more a hospital patient that’s covered by
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