Mill's Theory On The American Healthcare System

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Nick Bernardo Course Essay 11/15/13 Ethics 115 Mill’s Theory on the American Healthcare System The issue of reforming the American health care system has been an ongoing debate for the past 5-6 years. Courts have been going back and forth to decide whether everyone should or shouldn't receive free health care, regardless of the occupation you have, or benefits that come with the job. Obama has been pushing for this pretty much since he got into office, and does not plan on stopping until it happens. Making rules that provide the greatest happiness for the greatest number concerned is something that John Stewart Mills strives for, in this case, he would be doing a positive action for the greatest number concerned. With the slow decrease…show more content…
So something besides the fact that these people do not have health care, makes it morally right for them to receive it. And that would be up to Kant to decide. Kant is not the type of philosopher that would be in favor of this because he uses rational principles to think and make his final decisions on things. Which essentially means that an action follows a logical principle; Is it logical or not?. In this case with healthcare, based on what Kant is about and the way he goes about ethics, I do not see him being in favor of this act of giving healthcare to all citizens of the United States. The deontological theory also states that happiness does not matter when it comes to making decisions regarding rules and regulations, Immanuel Kant could care less about whos happy and whos not with the decisions he makes. Therefore, Kant would not be supportive of this theory of healthcare for all of those who care concerned. Pleasure and pain also are not valid in Kants theory so whether he is providing units of pleasure or units of pain, it really does not matter to him. That is why Mills is the perfect fit for this concept of healthcare to all concerned because he wants to provide the highest unit of hedons to the…show more content…
Limitations include the fact that you cannot choose the doctor you wish to go to. That is one thing that having health care given to you limits. You are assigned a doctor or a place to get checked up on regardless of what preference you have on the doctor or the place of practice. Also, the way people that some people look at this theory of healthcare for everybody is that they are the ones paying for it through the taxes that are deducted from their paycheck every week in order to help fund this notion. Granite there is not a lof of people that think this way, but from hearing people say that, the idea is definitely out there. Another limitation would be that since Mills wants to provide the greatest happiness for the largest amount of people concerned, there would be a problem with people not looking as hard for jobs especially in the inner cities, where being on welfare is common. There would be people content with having a welfare check given to them every week and also receiving health care along with it and there would be less people looking for jobs, since they have both of those necessities given to them. Though there are not a lot of limitations that come with Mills theory on healthcare, the few that do are vital in the decision making process of weather the reformation of healthcare for every

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