Argumentative Essay On Obamacare

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Being a Liberal from a conservative family, there has been quite a few uncomfortable dinner conversations. Always attempting to avoid any type of political conversations with my family, it is inevitable that after a few scotch on the rocks, my dad will bring up some type of controversial political subject. From when Obama was elected in 2008 to now, this president cannot do anything in his power to please my dad. The poor guy could discover a cure for cancer and my dad would come up with some crazy reason that the cure would ruin the economy. Everything from immigration to gay marriage and even things like medical marijuana and abortion have been the topics of heated debates in my family, but nothing compares to the fear looming over the Affordable…show more content…
According to the Affordable Care Act section 1101, “Immediate access to insurance for people with a preexisting condition. Enacts a temporary insurance program with financial assistance for those who have been uninsured for several months and have a pre-existing condition. Ensures premium rate limits for the newly insured population. Provides up to $5 billion for this program, which terminates when the American Health Benefit Exchanges are operational in 2014. Also establishes a transition to the Exchanges for eligible individuals.” ( This ban not only made it impossible for insurance companies to deny people under these circumstances, but also made it so the insurance companies cannot charge someone a higher rate because of a pre-existing condition, even in an emergency. This alone will make the lives the American people with health issues better. Making healthcare more available is not just about being able to accept sick people. It’s about making medical care more available. Obama Care does this by making it easier for everyone to be able to qualify for health insurance, making new taxes and spending cuts, while increasing funding for health education. It’s fair to say that the term “Obama Care” is a very simple term for such a complicated piece of

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