Health Care In Canada Essay

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The biggest misconception about countries with social health care , such as Canada, is that every person has access to the medical treatment and attention. Canadians must first have a Primary Care Physician " PCP" to access their health system. According to the former president of the Arthroscopic Association of America, Donald Johnson, MD, 30% of all Canadians do not have a PCP (Johnson). Dr. Johnson has a vast knowledge of the Canadian healthcare system due to the fact he was born, educated, trained, and currently practices in Ottawa Canada( also lived and practiced in Florida).Having a PCP in Canada is the only gateway to to healthcare, meaning that 30% of Canadians do not have access to healthcare (Dr. Johnson). In America, everyone has the access to healthcare, but it has to be paid for. The people who do have a PCP do not have it much better. Healthcare costs are controlled by limiting supply. If a citizen is fortunate enough to be in the 70% with a PCP, six months is not unusual to wait for an available appointment. If a specialist is…show more content…
Every American has to the option to buy health care (Johnson). The U.S. also provides Medicaid for those with low income, and Medicare for those over the 65 years of age or unable to work to work ( Health Care). This does not include emergency care, for which is provided to every person regardless of income or nationality ( ACEP). This was mandated by the EMTALA of 1986 ( emergency medical treatment and active labor act-all hospitals must see all people)(ACEP). Americas speed at which care can be provided is also much improved to that of Canada(Find Source). If an American is in need of medical treatment, he or she can go to the surgeon or his or her choice as soon as they want, without a PCP (Dr. Johnson). As a result, it is a fair statement to say that America's current system provides more care in a more timely fashion compared to that of Canada's sociallized
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