Economic Advantages of the Uk Healthcare System

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Economic advantages of the UK Healthcare system The main advantage of the NHS to the citizens of the UK is that it provides free healthcare to every member of the public. This ensures equality and means that even the poorest of families – the ones who otherwise would not be able to afford healthcare – can still be treated free of charge. The cost free nature of this system however means that all employees, resources and assets that the NHS provide must be paid for by the government, which means in turn it comes out of the taxes that every employed member of the UK must pay. Economically, this leaves the UK with a deficit of over £7bn per year, meaning it is a huge financial burden to the UK. However, the free health care is a massive benefit to society. The NHS employs over 1 million people so provides many jobs and lowers unemployment. The system in the UK for receiving health care is that you must first go to see a general practitioner, whose salaries are paid for on a capitation basis. They can then either decide that you do not need treatment, you need to be prescribed medicine, or you should be referred to see a specialist. The specialists are paid for on a salary basis. All of these salaries are taken from the taxes that UK citizens pay. The general practitioners provide a gatekeeper role and they have a strong financial incentive to not refer you to a specialist, meaning that sometimes you may not receive the healthcare that you actually need. (G. John Chen & Steven R. Fieldman) One economic advantage of the free healthcare in the UK is that it discourages privatisation. If the UK had a private healthcare system like it does in the US then many health problems would be left untreated as individuals may not have the finances to fund the respective healthcare. One of the best ways to lower financial costs of healthcare is prevention of the health

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