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1. Introduction Founded in San Diego, California by our CEO Min-Liang Tan and Robert “Razerguy” Krakoff, Razer began in a tiny shares office with a couple other gamers. Today, we have shipped 11 million connected devices around the world and have grown to over 400 employees with offices in 10 cities across the USA, Asia and Europe (Razer Annual Report 2014). Started out with Razer Bloomslang, one of the first mice built specifically for gaming, they have since gone on to be more than a gaming hardware company. Guided and living by their main mantra –“For Gamers. By Gamers”, they quickly realized the potential of developing a full range of dedicated gaming peripheral products. Aside from working with scientists and engineers, Razer turned to professional gamers who helped to test and validate their products in high level tournaments. This allow them to garner valuable feedback to refine and perfect their designs over and over again. In turn, Razer demonstrates great efforts by backing up and sponsoring players, teams and tournaments at several games all around the world. More than mere a tagline, Razer is truly a company of gamers (consisting of amateurs and ex-professionals) who make products for the gamers. For this assignment, I will be focusing on our domestic market i.e. Singapore. 2. PESTEL Analysis 2.1 Political Singapore has enjoyed somewhat peaceful and stable political rule since its independence in 1965. The ruling party, People’s Action Party (PAP) has this 2015, marked an unbroken 50 years in power. Though facing a cloudy outlook after the recent passing of its founder, Lee Kuan Yew, the party currently being led by his son, who is also the state’s Prime Minister, are expected to retain the majority in the upcoming election which is round the corner. The country has not faced any riots for more than 40 years aside from the one in 2013.

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