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Sheril Cunamay Prince Sports, Inc. Case Study Case Study: Prince Sports, Inc. With the technology of the world today being ever more prosperous than any kind of object or type of environmental product, the use of the social force comes in to play much larger than any other force. With this kind of social force, companies can use advertising via website like Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, etc., email and even texts through phones. The amount of advertising that’s used on Facebook is bound to catch someone’s eye. These advertisements usually pique the interest of a handful of consumers and these consumers may even go as far as visiting a sports stores website. The amount of advertising of tennis has grown and it has allowed more consumers to take on the sport and sometimes have these consumers pursue much more than just playing through teaching. According to the vice president of Prince Sports, Linda Glassel, there has been “a dramatic change in the media to reach consumers.” Prince Sports always “stays ahead of the curve” so that they can beat every other company who also sells tennis racquets. One of the activities that Prince Sports uses as far as promotion goes is when they hold their Teaching Pro Program. “These sponsored teaching pros receive all the latest production information, demo racquets, and equipment from Prince.” Another activity that Prince Sports can utilize in the United States to promote tennis playing is through training camps or summer camps for anyone who is interested in the sport. With more and more people becoming interested in the sport, these camps would be beneficial as far as doing more than just piquing the interest of the players. If Prince Sports also holds an event where interested consumers can go and watch players play against one another and even allow these consumers to try out the tennis racquets made by Prince Sports, then they

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