Unit 9 P4 Creative Product Promotion

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Creative Product Promotion Walkers use many promotional mixes in order to achieve their marketing objectives; I will be looking at whether these actions in the way they do it are good enough to realistically achieve their marketing objectives. Place The place is a great promotional tool as well as it can bring the companies presence all around the world. Walkers use the element of Place by promoting their products on TV shows, Bus Stations, Magazines and On the Internet. Many of the walker’s ads include Gary Lineker, a famous football figure who represents the face of Walkers. Everyone recognises him and associate his football excellence with the brand of Walkers therefore achieving further sales, more profit, a good customer satisfaction…show more content…
It involves a lot of advertising preparation, bookings, rehearsals, drafting and most of all how to think. Walker’s need to think in such a way that will relate to the public and make them switch on when either viewing the product or watching an advert, they achieved this task very well when they used the face of Gary Lineker, a famous football player who everyone can relate to, in order to represent the Walker’s brand. When the public see an advert with him in it they automatically switch on and associate him with Walkers. Also, when Gary Lineker presents Match Of The Day, on BBC One, the viewers will think of walkers crisps – This is great as Walkers don’t actually pay Gary for producing the show but they still get promotional awareness out of it. Every where Gary goes it is promoting the Walker’s brand image. As we have said before, protecting the brand image and making it look desirable results in more sales, more profit and completion of Walker’s main…show more content…
This way the high standard of the quality of the crisps is reflected within the workers and their processes which make the brand look even more desirable, professional and it gives off the impression that they are happy working at such a well known, respectable brand. This would therefore achieve walker’s main aims and objectives as they would enjoy the product as they know that the people who created it enjoy it too and walker’s main objective would be complete because when people enjoy a product they will more than likely come back again to purchase it resulting in increased profits that the company can put back into the

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