Consumer Behavior Case Study: Prince Sports

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Scenario MKT 113 - Chapter 9: Prince Sports, Inc. Southern New Hampshire University Prince already does a lot to encourage people to use their racquets; they run ads advocating their advanced technology, invest in a “Teaching Pro” program, and sponsor a lot of professional tennis players. However, Prince could work on promoting tennis overall and targeting junior and recreational players. Prince owes much of its success to its ads and product placement in stores, but has a few hiccups with simplification and globalization. In order to promote playing overall, Prince needs to segment their products not only on price and professional level of play, but on personalities and behavior. A great way to do this would be to run ads on in media…show more content…
Making their products available in big box chains as well as local specialty shops allows convenience for both casual and more dedicated players, and their advertisements in sporting events, magazines, and online serve to get the brand name more attention than any other method. It's far more likely for people to stumble upon an ad than to follow a specific celebrity or physically attend an event. As for what Prince can do better, simplification is the key. Prince makes a point of targeting a few demographics and sub-demographics, and has a lot of products to consider. All that information would be overwhelming for the average consumer. In order to determine what works for whom without having to try them all, Prince should offer online evaluations for people interested. Also, Prince should work on expanding their market on a global scale; again, creating a large online presence would be beneficial in reaching tennis players in other countries. Overall, Prince does an excellent job at specialization and getting information out to dedicated tennis players. But in order to promote overall play, Prince needs to focus on personalities and behavior rather than science and professional athletes. They need to keep up with what''s popular and target parents to reign in the junior market, and promote convenience to appeal to recreational players. In addition, Prince does a great job at advertising and distributing their product, but could use a better strategy in streamlining their information towards customers and globalizing their

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