Analyse the Barriers and Challenges to Communication Within Own Job Role Essay

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UNIT 501 1.3 Analyse the barriers and challenges to communication within own job role. In order for a manager to work and perform all the tasks required of him when carrying out his role then he needs to communicate with his staff in a way in which they can understand. It is important that we communicate in an open accurate and straightforward way this creates a good working relationship and a trustworthy environment. Where communication breaks down is when we encounter barriers in the work place it is important that as a manager I can overcome these barriers otherwise the flow of communication becomes ineffective. Barriers in communication can occur at any stage in the communication process, barriers may lead to the message becoming distorted this will cause confusion and misunderstanding. Some of the barriers that can occur are physical barriers these are any noise which prevents a person from being heard. Physical noise prevents the manager’s ability to send messages and for the staff to receive them examples of these are speaking to fast, noise in the room such as a TV or a telephone ringing noise from outside such as traffic, road works or builders, other barriers could be that a staff member may have a hearing impediment. Another barrier could be Language differences this is where staff have difficulty in understanding, it may be that they don’t understand my accent or they may have moved from abroad to work in this country I would therefore need to speak slowly and clearly and continue to check with them that they understand. When communicating we must also make sure that we don’t use jargon and terminology it could be that some people wouldn’t understand this we should also refrain from using abbreviations when communicating. Another barrier to communication could be a lack of attention and not focused or have no interest in the topic it could be that
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