Analyse the Barriers and Challenges to Communication Within Your Own Job Role.

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1.3 Analyse the barriers and challenges to communication within your own job role. Workplace relationships is stronger when people can clearly and effectively communicate what they need and allow others to do the same. I understand that barriers to communication what prevent or interfere with the person’s ability to send receive or understand a ‘message’. There are many barriers to effective communication The first barriers to check out are those that I could be creating. I may think that I am doing everything possible to assist communication, but be sure that I am not making it difficult for people to understand what I have to say for instance using or avoid professional jargon and terminology. By communicating in this manner others will have trust and confidence in me and my abilities. Physical barriers – these are due to the nature of the environment where as a manager I am trying to communicate. It could be distractions or noise, such as the TV on, an inappropriate temperature, making the room too hot or cold, not enough light. Failure of management to cascade information. Failure of technological equipment. Physiological/emotional barriers: Personal difficulties can effect concentration, clients with lack of understanding, or memory loss due to their condition. This could also include poor eyesight or hearing difficulties. Personal problems and worries can lead to lack of concentration, memory loss (dementia). Poor Understanding and language differences: Different nationalities and cultural differences, understanding accents and sayings can be amusing or an ambiguity of words and meanings but again a barrier for everyone. Misinterpretation of body language could have an impact. Values and Beliefs: Everyone’s values and beliefs can create underlying barriers often without people realizing which results in different responses to how something is dealt

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