Mgt 311 Week 3 Team Conflict Groups

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Team Conflict Groups, Teams, and Conflicts MGT/311 10/3/12 Team Strategy and Conflict Management Plans This is my team strategy plan based off our reading assignments. (Robbins & Judge, 2011) Strategy | Strengths | Weaknesses | Create Job Satisfaction | Happier, more productive, loyal employees. | You can make everyone happy. Some people are not cut out to do curtain jobs so you will need to let them go. | Communication | Clear expectations lesson the likelihood of misunderstandings. Open communication building trust and repor. | Some employees are apt to abuse an “open-door” policy. | Training and Development Programs | Gives Employees the skills and knowledge needed to do the job correctly and to act the way they are expected to in the corporate setting. | Employees may before you can take advantage of your investment in them. | Work Team (appose to work group) | Uses the different skills sets of the individual workers together as a team to complete different tasks in a project simultaneously. | Teams take more time planning and assigning steps in each task. | Team incentives | Help bond team members and build team cohesiveness. | Well bonded Teams may hold your production hostage for an insentive. | 1. Identify the team formation strategy that is most suitable for Riordan Manufacturing,…show more content…
In this case I would try to reason with the two of them and refer to the laws that prohibit racism. I would try to rationalize the situation with them and get the to understand the magnitude of what they are dealing with and the consequences of their actions. David and James may have personal issues that cannot be reconciled or rationalized. If that is the case and there truly is no middle ground or compromising then we may need to pick the man with the least impact on the project and swap him out with someone else in the
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